Corporate Information Financial Strength Credit Facilities

Listed below is the summary of Credit Facilities that has been extended to BOND Group from our suppliers as testament of their trust and faith in our operations. To view in detail, please click on the right button.

Equipment/Material Total Credit Limit (RM) Click for Details
HT Switchgear & Transformer 29,500,000.00 DetailsButton1
LV Switchboard & DBs 24,000,000.00 DetailsButton1
Genset Supplier 14,500,000.00 DetailsButton1
General Electrical Supplies 17,000,000.00 DetailsButton1
Light Fittings 8,800,000.00 DetailsButton1
Cables & Supporting System 17,700,000.00 DetailsButton1
Audio Visual Equipment 3,000,000.00 DetailsButton1
Air Conditioning Equipment 3,650,000.00 DetailsButton1
Fans, Pumps & Cooling Tower 3,700,000.00 DetailsButton1
Pipes & Valves Fittings 3,300,000.00 DetailsButton1
Compressed Air Equipment 5,300,000.00 DetailsButton1